Handmade in the last sock manufactory in Austria

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Merino wool socks are handmade at Bolter Sockenmanufaktur in Austria from OEKO-TEX® certified wool from merino sheep in 13 steps. This is how we guarantee the highest quality of our merino wool socks throughout.

Advantages of merino wool socks

Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and, thanks to its temperature-regulating, breathable and sweat-absorbing properties, acts like an air conditioner for the feet. Thus, merino socks are not only the best companion in winter as ski socks, but they are also ideal in spring and autumn as sports socks, for example, when hiking or cycling. Merino socks are also pleasantly soft to wear and not as scratchy as normal sheepskin socks.

Sock types

We offer our socks in different colors, sizes (35-50) and lengths and are happy to fulfill special requests such as socks without rubber or with ABS soles.

Copper socks

For better blood circulation, warming and antibacterial effect we also have copper socks in our assortment, where 100% copper threads are knitted into the merino socks (no coating, like many other producers).

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